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I’ll convert your thoughts and ideas into a legible masterpiece:

• I pride myself in providing personal attention to every detail

• Confidential - Only you’ll know I wrote it

• Experienced in all genres

• You’ll have complete rights to any pieces I write for you

• Professional, well written books starting at just $10,000 USD

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Free Consultation - I provide a free consultation. Just pick up the phone and we can discuss the plans you have in mind. We will together come up with the best way to move ahead. 

Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) - I believe in a Non Disclosure Agreement to maintain complete transparency. 

Interviews - My writing assistant and I will conduct/record detailed interviews and research for me to understand every little detail to craft your story.

Planning And Drafting The Outline - Creating content based on your interview or notes.

Revising content based on your feedback.

Vigorous editing to deliver error-free manuscripts.

Formatting – Based on the platform where the book will be published.

Book Cover Design 

Self-Publishing – I can handle the entire process from writing to publishing the book.

Traditional Publishing – I will create a query letter to help get your book published.

On Call Availability – I will always be available to discuss your project from initiation to completion.

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About Me

  I work towards delivering unique services and personal attention to your project. Unlike other companies who pass you on to lesser experienced writers, I prefer taking on a client or two at a time and work closely with them. I’ll also be available at anytime in case you need to reach me.

I aim at providing a commercially viable manuscript that is error-free and ready for publication. I will capture the essence of the story the way you pictured it and in your voice. I have extensive experience in technical and non-technical books, self-help books, business success stories, and books that can help overcome obstacles, traumatic experiences or a troubled childhood.

My client list boasts of New York Times bestselling authors, publishing houses, prominent public figures, successful business owners, and different people that have experiences worth sharing. My ghostwriting company is a reputed one and I have a number of books that earned lucrative deals from publishers. 

I have worked with entrepreneurs from various industries, professionals from various fields, CEO’s of multiple companies, mothers, Congressmen, and more. My bachelor’s degree is in psychology and I have been a professional writer for over 15 years. I’ve been happily married for 12 years and have four amazing kids. We reside in Florida just outside of Orlando. I am passionate about writing and the idea of creating content is something I look forward to each day. I also enjoy playing the piano, painting and reading.


The Philosophy


A relationship between the author and the ghostwriter is crucial. I believe your voice and vision should flow through words which is why every service I provide is customized based on your needs. I aim to deliver success by crafting a piece of art that reflects your personality. Our relationship and my services are strictly confidential and you will have complete rights to the story. I am passionate about writing and it is that passion that drives me to create successful projects.

On the professional front, I am a member of: 

Association of Ghostwriters

National Association of Independent Writers

National Writers Union


Getting Started

 My clients often wonder what I need in order to get started on their book. While some clients go ahead and prepare an outline or write part of the book, I recommend nothing but your ideas. It is, after all, my job to write the book based on your ideas and I help you right from organizing till the final manuscript is ready. Each process is customized based on your needs. I believe working closely with you helps your thoughts flow into words and the piece relates to you better. I’ll submit pages based on a schedule we create together and only after you are satisfied do we move towards the next part of the book.